Women’s Sports In Coaching

  |    September 13th, 2015   |   265

Suresh Kumar Lau

Women historically have never been given required significance vis-a-vis man in the whole world, be it in the field of politics, economy, education or sports not to mention sports coaching. History is full with stories of suppression, humiliation and  exploitation of the women across the world. Fewer women coach today, while the majority of women’s sports teams or players in India are coached by men, only few men’s and women’s team coached by women. Gender stereotypes are hard to shake off. Some male athletes are afraid of losing to women.Coach-Women
From childhood, numerous female athletes have been told that girls are supposed to play with dolls, not football, hockey or in any sport considered unfeminine. A women’s journey from womb to womanhood is the jolting in Haryana when compared to female children in other Indian states. Haryana notorious for female feticide, the worst to sex ratio (879 women every 1000 men according to the 2011 census) and crime against eve’s. In Haryana, women performance in sports has  increased drastically in the last decade.
Geeta Phogat of Haryana, India’s first woman wrestler to qualify for the Olympics in 2012. The Haryana girls who have extremely excelled in sports brought worthy name and fame and at the same time are supporting their family financially. In coaching Sunil Dabas of Haryana first ever Kabaddi coach to get both Dronacharya Award and Padam Shri. Since 2005 she has been rigorously scientific training Indian national women’s Kabaddi team for global events. Her sincere coaching efforts reaped fruits in the form of 7 gold medals for the country.
Women Who coach men and women team or sportsperson
Coaching has an important impact upon the sports performance , and it about improving performance at all stages. Sunil Dabas of Haryana is only woman Kabaddi coach and one of the foremost Kabaddi coaches in the Asia and India. She is only sportswoman coach who has been received the Padma Shri in 2014 and Dronacharya Award in 2012.

Noted Kabaddi coach Sunil Dabas is conferred with Padma Shri

Awarded the Padma Shri (Women) coach
Noted Kabaddi coach Sunil Dabas is conferred with Padma Shri

Awarded the Padma Shri (Women) coach

S.No. Name Sport Year
1 Sunil Dabas Kabaddi 2014


Awarded the Dronacharya (Women) coach

S.No. Name Sport Year
1 Purnima Mahato Archery 2013
2 Renu Kohli Athletics 2002
3 Sunita Sharma Cricket 2004
4 Sunil Dabas Kabaddi 2014
5 Hansa Sharma Weighlifting 2000