TI Couture launches ‘Nature Resurgence’ Collection

  |    June 19th, 2015   |   489

New Delhi(N4C Desk)-Flaunt like the queen Cleopatra and flirt like a blooming nymph with TI Couture ‘Nature Resurgence’  jewelry collection, the premium ensembles are filled with purity and verve of the nature. TI Couture Nature Resurgence

TI Couture ‘Nature Resurgence’ unfolds the mystery and charm of the eternal nature. Depicting the sublime beauty of the beads and the pearls. ‘Nature Resurgence’ is a treasure trove of seminal floral designs which are colorful and lively, and perfect for the summers.

‘Nature Resurgence’ comprises an impressive range of necklaces and earrings. Designer Tania M Kathuria preferred silver over gold to create a cool jewellery line in this hot summer. Semi-precious stones, pearls and crystal balls further magnify the grace of these stylish and eye soothing ensembles. TI Couture

Tania M Kathuira – Fashion Jewellery Designer and Director of the TI Couture said, ” ‘Nature Resurgence’ is statement jewelry and the entire range is both classic and chic. It is a special summer collection for the fashion loving working women, college going girls and women travellers.”