Shyam Lal College E-Workshop: Commodity trading in collaboration with NICR

  |    June 12th, 2020   |   0

New Delhi(News4city Desk)- The Center for Skill Development in collaboration with NICR (NCDEX Institute of Commodities Research) organized an E-workshop on Commodity Trading. The e-Workshop saw the esteemed presence of Principal Rabi Narayan Kar, Shyam Lal College, Delhi University and IQAC Convenor Khusha Tiwari, Shyam Lal College, Delhi University. 

The session had the presence of more than 200 participants from all over the country. The session was enriched by the vast knowledge of the speakers for the session; the session showed the benign presence of Mr. Niraj Shukla works as Senior Economist – Market Intelligence at NCDEX; Aleen Mukherjee as Executive Vice President of Business Strategy at the National Commodities and Derivatives Exchange (NCDEX) and COO of NCDEX Institute of Commodity Markets and Research (NICR) and Mr. Ram Gopal Yadav works as Deputy Manager – Knowledge Management at NICR.

The Workshop started with a warm welcome to the esteemed guest and participants by the Centre for Skill development Convenor Dr. Kavita Arora, Shyam Lal College, Delhi University. It was followed by welcome address by Dr. Kusha Tiwari and Prof. Rabi Narayan Kar thanking the speakers and emphasizing on the importance of such workshops.

Then the session started with Introduction to commodities market by Mr. Aleen Mukherjee, the session gave a concise explanation of how a market platform is necessary for efficient and transparent price discovery. Then he introduced the concept of price fluctuation and volatility and what causes price to change.  The session included inquisitive presentation and visuals on how the Commodities market works.

The second session was on “Derivatives & Price Risk Management” which was taken by Niraj Shukla AVP, NICR. This session enlightened the participants why commodity derivatives are needed and what is the objective behind it; price discovery and price risk management being two main reasons behind this. He also explained briefly what the exchange trades Agri-commodities available are in futures and options. This session involved a brief introduction to forward, futures and options and how they work.  It also gave the differentiation and insights about the contracts on how they function. Then we had a practical session on various Trading strategies that are used in commodity trading like Arbitrage, Hedging and short term trading.

The end of the session was taken up by Ram Gopal Yadav which talked about the structure of NCDEX and its various subsidiary bodies. He also introduced the various courses and career opportunities present with NCDEX.  The session ended with taking up questions from the audience.

The valedictory session involved a warm welcome by Dr. Kavita Arora to the participants and the speakers for making the E-Workshop a success. A note of gratitude was also presented by Prof. Rabi Narayan Kar and Dr. Khusha Tiwari.