Shraddhanand beats Hindu for sixth straight title

  |    July 12th, 2019   |   0

New Delhi – Swami Shraddanand College continued its dominance at the University of Delhi (DU) cricket Championship by lifting its sixth title with a 5 wicket victory over former Champion and hosts Hindu College recently at Hindu College ground. Batting first, former DU champion Hindu scored 201 for eight in 35 overs with Pragam Sharma hitting an impressive 49 runs. In reply , Swami Sharddanand college was 202 for five in 31.3 overs.

Swami Shradddhanand College, Delhi University Cricket winning Team

Sumit Mathur was named Man of the Match. Swami Sharddanand College mentor and Asst. Prof. Dr. Inder Mohan Dutta said “it’s not that easy to win Delhi University Cricket tittle” we have proven Sharddanand is shining star of DU, strict discipline is a routine we are following for six years. It was not about preparing well, but about performing because we wanted to win and retain the trophy.

The Scores (Final):

Hindu College 201 for eight in 35 overs Pragam Sharma 49, Abhishek Goswami 25 (Yashjeet Balhara 44 for 3; Sumit Mathur 38 for 2; Ramesh Prasad 39 for 2) lost to Swami Sharddanand 202 for 5 wickets in 31.3 overs. Hitesh Sharma 52, Himanshu Rana 51, Sumit Mathur 48 (Aamir 42 for 3 and Ayush 33 for 2)

Winners and Runners-up of the University of Delhi Inter-College

Cricket Tournament since 1976

Year                      Winner College                         Runner-up College

1976-77                 St. Stephen’s                                      Hindu

1977-78                 Hindu                                       St. Stephen’s        

1978-79                 Position Undetermined

1979-80                 PGDAV                                     St. Stephen’s        

1980-81                 PGDAV                                     Hindu

1981-82                 St. Stephen’s                                      Hindu

1982-83                 PGDAV                                     Kirori Mal

1983-84                 PGDAV                                     Hindu

1984-85                 PGDAV                                     Hindu

1985-86                 PGDAV                                     SGTB Khalsa

1986-87                 Position Undetermined

1987-88                 PGDAV                                     SGTB Khalsa

1988-89                 SGTB Khalsa                                      Rajdhani

1989-90                 Position Undetermined

1990-91                 PGDAV                                     Rajdhani

1991-92                 SGTB Khalsa                                      PGDAV

1992-93                 SGTB Khalsa                                      Rajdhani

1993-94                 PGDAV                                     SGTB Khalsa

1994-95                 Rajdhani                                  Hindu

1995-96                 SGTB Khalsa                                      Rajdhani

1996-97                 PGDAV and Rajdhani   Joint Winners 

1997-98                 PGDAV                                     Rajdhani

1998-99                 Position Undetermined

1999-2000              St. Stephen’s                                      SGTB Khalsa

2000-01                 SGTB Khalsa                                      Hindu

2001-02                 Hindu                                       SGTB Khalsa

2002-03                 Hindu                                       SGTB Khalsa

2003-04                 Hindu                                       SGTB Khalsa (Eve.)

2004-05                 Hindu                                       SGTB Khalsa

2005-06                 Hansraj                                    Ram Lal Anand (Eve.)

2006-07                 Position Undetermined

2007-08                 SGTB Khalsa                                      Ram Lal Anand (Eve.)

2008-09                 SGTB Khalsa                                      Ram Lal Anand (Eve.)

2009-10                 SGTB Khalsa                                      Ram Lal Anand (Eve.)

2010-11                 No held

2011-12                 SGTB Khalsa                                      Ram Lal Anand (Eve.)

2012-13                 SGTB Khalsa                                      Ram Lal Anand (Eve.)

2013-14                 Swami Shraddhanand               Ram Lal Anand (Eve.)

2014-15                  Swami Shraddhanand              Aryabhatta formerly RLA (E)

2015-16                  Swami Shraddhanand              Aryabhatta formerly RLA (E)

2016-17                  Swami Shraddhanand              Aryabhatta formerly RLA (E)

2017-18                  Swami Shraddhanand              PGDAV

2018 -19                Swami Shraddhanand               Hindu                                      

                                                                                                     Suresh Kumar Lau