SFI Delhi organized a protest in Delhi University

  |    April 16th, 2017   |   0

New Delhi (N4C Desk)- SFI organized a protest today at the School of Open Learning (SOL) in Delhi University, demanding the immediate formation of a Gender Sensitization Committee against Sexual Harassment (GSCASH) in SOL and probe in the matter of negligence by police in the wake up of the suicide by a 21 year old Dalit woman student of SOLA 21yr old Dalit woman, a first year commerce student from the School of Open Learning (SOL) in Delhi University committed suicide in north Delhi’s Chandrawal area on 8th of April.

The girl, a BCom student at the School of Open Learning, left behind a suicide note blaming her lover for her death. In her suicide letter, she talks about how when she told her boyfriend about her caste identity, “he started ignoring her and used caste-based slurs”.

Complaints were filed in two police stations- first in Roop Nagar and later in Model Town PS. However, police failed to take any action, until the girl was pushed to such desperation that she had to commit suicide.

Moreover, this tragic incident points to the absence of a functional Gender Sensitization Committee against Sexual Harassment, which institutions such as the SOL must have, where such cases of violence and intimidation can be addressed.

A delegation met HC Pokhriyal, Executive director, SOL with the demand of the formation of GSCASH. He said that administration is willing to form GSCASH and will initiate the process if elaborate mechanism & structure is suggested. SFI will initiate broad campaign on the issue and build movement to ensure that administration doesn’t backtrack from its promise.