People led a march against child sexual

  |    June 11th, 2018   |   0

New Delhi (News4City)- Samadhan Abhiyan in collaboration with NSS IIT-Delhi organised an awareness walk to sensitise people about Child Sexual Abuse and its prevalence in contemporary times.

The ‘Silent’ awareness walk was led by IIT-Delhi interns and people from various walks of life to draw everyone’s attention to the problem of Child Sexual Abuse and urge them to talk about the same.

“There needs to be a holistic approach to tackle the problem of Child Sexual Abuse. It is a serious problem which still people at large refuse to openly talk about it. I would urge all the stakeholders to take notice of this issue and come forward to support us”, Archana Agnithorti, Founder, Samadhan Abhiyan.

“The inferences from our survey on mapping people’s perception about child sexual abuse were shocking which instilled sense of urgency and deep pride in the work that we are doing with Samadhan Abhiyan aimed at ensuring child’s right to live free from sexual abuse actually become a reality”, NSS IIT-D interns.

The silent walk started from Nirbhaya Bus Stand In Munirka and concluded at Park adjacent to Nirbahaya Bus Stand, going through Munirka village and market. It was well received by local residents and everyone pledged to support the cause.

Samadhan Abhiyan was founded in the year 2015 with the motto ‘Empowerment through Public Participation’.