NSUI demand roll-back of latest prices hike of Petrol and Diesel

  |    May 4th, 2015   |   122

New Delhi- The National Students’ Union of India today demonstrated against the Modi government demanding immediate roll-back of the latest hike in the prices of Petrol and Diesel. The students pushed their bikes and scooters towards the protest venue at Jantar Mantar citing their inability to afford the sky-rocketing price of fuel.

Highlighting the promises made by Narendra Modi during the Lok Sabha campaign, they accused the government of being insensitive towards the Aam Aadmi and taking a U-turn on his slogan of ‘Acche Din’.

The protest was led by Delhi NSUI President Vikas Chhikara in presence of National Secretaries Deepak Negi, Vardhan Yadav and many other Delhi NSUI Office bearers including former DUSU Vice President Varun Khari.

They demanded immediate roll-back of this latest hike saying such a massive hike in fuel prices shall also impact the price of other commodities making this ‘Mehenge Din’ even more burdensome to the masses of this country.

Quoting a tweet by the then Chief Minister of Gujarat, Shri Modi in 2012, which said “Massive hike in #Petrol prices is a prime example of the failure of Congress-led UPA”, Delhi NSUI President Vikas Chhikara said, “The Prime Minister should apologize for the false promises made by him. This price hike has come at a time when the farmers of this country are facing an acute agrarian crisis without much compensation from the government, this step would only increase the burden on them.  It is high time our Prime Minister should start thinking about the citizens of this country and not focus on a select few industrialists.”