why necessary women’s education at present time

  |    September 21st, 2016   |   0

             Tara singh Anshultara

child development planning officer

The Proverb is so true that mother is the first teacher of child and this too also said that the child is father of nation .And  I can say only an educated women /as mother basically can plants the seeds of versatile personality  in her children from very childhood .

But how it would be possible ? If parents would  keep their  daughter uneducated ? In fact  illiterate or  uneducated women feel many difficulties to make  properly versatile personality of their children .

From very  childhood .  children follow their parents but are being mostly affected by mother’s behaviour and personality . So there is so necessary women’s education at present time . Half population or women of our Incredible India must have better education for making  development and better progress of children society  as well as our country . Well educated women can support and stand parallel with men in the society . No doubt well educated mother has better take care of her children and family too .Severely we find an educated women hold best  leadership in our country. She  throws light on the future . She can make  better way of her children’s life by giving them qualitative education .

Absolutely well educated women can take better decisions and stable determination right now . Actually men and women are two Wheels of life cart .  Educated women can spend life better with happiness and get prosperity with their husband children as well as families .

Educated women can teach art of Living to their children .Those are called the father of nation . Well educated women are  strength of  our family society as well as country . Now we need to start spending big money to educate girls of our country .We all citizens of country must provide good education and good nutrition to our girls . . We all too must provide good health care to our women . And our Government too must take care of all these things which provide all facilities to women .

There are some lines in the respect of womens given below . Woman is children’s mother. and she too  is their  alive . Woman is man’s daughter. and she too is their wife . Woman is child’s first teacher . and she too is that’s arise.Think again and again please . Really  woman is reason of everyone’s life .