Mottainai campaign the Muni International School example will inspire the whole world : Thadahiko Ito

  |    October 4th, 2018   |   0

 Japan has chosen Muni International School of Delhi as partner school in 2012. Also the U.S.A. based Ashoka Foundation has certified as a Change Maker School

New Delhi (R.K.Sharma)- Indo-Japanese relations are quite amicable. That is why today Japan is working with India not only at the political level but also on the academic and social level.
With the aim of making  relations between the two countries sweeter, Japan’s State Environment Minister Thadahiko Ito arrived on October 2nd, in the midst of students of Muni International School, Uttam Nagar (Mohan Garden) on the occasion of Gandhi Jayanti.The minister was traditionally welcomed by the school founder Dr. Ashok Kumar Thakur.
After this, during a special program organized at the auditorium, the students of the school won the hearts of everyone while explaining the activities of “Mottainai” through a short play.
Addressing the students in the program, Japan’s State Environment Minister Thadahiko Ito said that today all countries in the world are worried about the worsening environment. If we try to make successful campaigns like “Mottainai” and “Swachh Bharat” through children, then the deteriorating environment in the world can be handled. Recalling Mahatma Gandhi on Gandhi Jayanti day, he said that Mahatma Gandhi, the messenger of peace, had considered cleanliness more important than freedom because freedom is incomplete without cleanliness.
Expressing gratitude to the Muni School, the Environment Minister said that it was the result of far-reaching thinking of Dr. Ashok Kumar Thakur that we got an opportunity to get here today, because education in Sri Thakur’s school gives more attention to human values. Muni School’s contribution in “Motianai” campaign will be beneficial not only for both the countries, but for the whole world.
Muni International School founder Dr Ashok Kumar Thakur said that the relationship between India and Japan is very sweet, which we will always strive to further strengthen. Dr. Ashok Kumar Thakur assured the Japanese State Environment Minister Thadahiko Ito that just as he showed his love towards Muni school we will never allow his trust in us to diminish. Just like the “Swachh Bharat” campaign of India, we will also contribute to the protection of natural resources by taking the “Mottainai” campaign to the people.
It is worth mentioning that Japan has chosen Muni International School of Delhi as its partner school in 2012. Also the U.S.A. based Ashoka Foundation has certified  Muni School as a Change Maker School.

Ghanashyam Das Patel, chief of Muni School, Surat, informed that  Japan’s “Mottainai” is a successful awareness campaign for conservation of natural resources like India’s “Swacch Bharat” campaign. In Japanese, “Mottainai” means “No more destruction”. This campaign is to inform the young children about the proper use of natural resources which are inadmissible, so that they cultivate the habit of stopping the waste of any item or substance in their life.  Shri Patel said that they will also start the “Mottainai” campaign in Gujarat.
On the subject of “Mottainai”, a book has also been published in Japan. In this, with the help of  large illustrations,  and  through the character of a grandmother children are taught about “Mottainai”. They are taught not to waste food and take only as much as needed, not to throw things here and there without reason, besides this to  put garbage in the dustbin only, use electrical equipment according to the need and many such things are taught.
Last month, The Ambassador of Japan living in India also met the students of Muni School and gifted more than thousand books of “Mottainai” for school children. During this time, he also deeply understood the school activities and the teaching and learning  methods.