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New Delhi (News4city)- Management Education and Research Institute, Janakpuri, New Delhi organized NationalFinance Seminar-2020 on Leveraging Fintech for Business. The seminar, organised by the Internal Quality Assurance Cell of the college attempted to explorethe emerging dimensions of ongoing technologies used in finance sector and to find out theinnovative strategies to sustain in the turbulent business environment.

The programme commenced with its inaugural session graced by the Chief Guest, Sunil Soni,General Manager, Punjab National Bank,Guest of Honour, Naveen Gupta, Zonal Head,Delhi NCR, ICICI Bank\, I.P. Aggarwal, President, MERI Group of Institutions; Prof.Lalit Aggarwal, Vice President, MERI Group of Institutions; S.K. Aggarwal, Chief FinanceOfficer,Dean Prof. A.K. Aggarwal and other dignitaries.

The session consisted of thetraditional lamp lighting session by dignitaries, National Anthem, followed by MERI- Codeof Conduct. The welcome address was presented by Prof. Lalit Aggarwal, wherein he spokeabout the rapidly changing Fintech landscape and the impact of new innovations ontraditional business models, along with the need to harness new technologies to build a betterbusiness.

Furthermore, the inaugural address was presented by I.P. Aggarwal, whodeliberated about the recent emerging technologies around financial payments and markets,digital strategy, business model innovations and advanced analytics to be explored. This wasfollowed with an address by the Chief Guest, Sunil Soni, who spoke great lengths about thecurrent Fintech landscape from multiple stakeholders and shared his on-the-ground industryexperience.

The session continued with an address by the Guest of Honour, Naveen Gupta,who elaborated ways to be tech-savy, technologies empowering Fintech wave, recognizingcyber security issues and ways to mitigate them. The session concluded with a vote of thanksby Prof. A.K. Aggarwal deliberating on the evolution of Fintech and its tremendous change.The programme progressed its first technical session with a presentation by the managementstudents. This was followed by informative deliberations of the speakers, G. L. Manchanda,former AGM, Punjab National Bank; and Akhil Bansal, Principal Consultant, PKC Advisory,respectively.Furthermore, the session concluded with an interesting presentation by the managementstudents, followed by the deliberations of the speakers, Sumeet Manocha, Associate VP,Hindustan Power Group; and Naresh Rana, Director, Fincap, respectively.

The seminar, organised by Prof. A.K. Aggarwal, Dean, MERI College; Shikha Gupta,Assistant Professor, MERI College; and Dr. Kompal Barara, Assistant Professor, MERICollege drew its curtain down with formal vote of thanks by Prof. A.K. Aggarwal,valediction and certificate distribution.