Indian Eves open with a 1-0 win against South Africa

  |    February 21st, 2016   |   12

Cape town(N4C Sports)- The first game of the South African tour for the Indian Women’s team started on a positive note with a 1-0 win over South Africa.
The match started with both the teams trying to understand each other’s playing style hence, playing a cautious game. A lot of the game was played in the midfield but superb defensive play by both the teams ensured a goal less first half.
The third period saw a shift in the game plan by both the teams with attacking play from both the sides but none of the teams managed to break the deadlock. The penultimate period ended with the score at 0-0. India in order to win pressed hard and their efforts finally reaped rewards in the 55th minute through a penalty corner conversion by Deepika to give India their first win on the tour.
The next match of the tour will be played between India and South Africa on 21st February, 2016.