Health Crisis in Information Technology

  |    May 11th, 2015   |   368

Varun Lau

The fag – end of the 20th century saw fabulous development in science and technology. Uprising in technology and proficiency has resulted in huge salary, augmented purchasing potential, unstable work schedule, work under pressure and ailments.Health

Over and above chanting the mantra of Privatization, Liberalization and globalization (PLB) of then government, the nation made prompt progress in Information Technology (IT) and India earned the well known name of IT centre of the globe.

The working of the IT field has move out of gear the convention office timing of 9-6 or 10-5. Employees should not be given too many deadlines at a single point of time. This will lead to pressure and tension specially when they are struggling with work.Varun-lau

With snowballing world recession, employees across the managements the globe over are under hectic pressure to work hard and are forced to become workaholics. There is already work pressure at the corporate world due to cruel competition. The positive side of workaholism alleviations in quick career headway as it offers recognition, apart from providing superior pay, perks and fringe benefit. By and large, the goal drive the employees on the way to becoming work freaks. It leads to proficient professional success but adversely affects their social life, personal and family life. When viewed from the other angle, workaholism lead to physiological and psychological problems. There is worldwide epidemic of obesity and because it is followed by increased incidences of type II diabetes, heart disease and many other serious health problems. Corporate employees sleep less than 6 hours in a day, due to high stressed level that arise out of tough targets set by employers. In fact corporate employees have to survive the stiff global competitive environment to save their jobs, adding pressure on their health.

Many couples are childless and divorce rate are upward rising. Health promotion among employees at the workplace should be an integral element of the company’s business strategy. The reason is that healthy worker is a profit – making productive worker. It is high time organizations woke up to take serious note of health issue. Tackling stress needs attention in the present time’s workplace to ensure optimal performance by the employees.