Great Olympians of University of Delhi

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Dr. Suresh Kumar Lau

Sports and games have been widely recognized as an essential ingredient of human resource development. There is no tremendous test for an athlete than competing in the Olympic Games. This chance to glow or shine only once in every four years and for some, just only once in lifetime. University of Delhi, are the 21 great Olympians and Para Olympians.


In hockey late M.N Masud of St. Stephen’s was vice-captain of winning team in Berlin Olympic Games in 1936. Maharaj Krishan Kaushik was a member of Indian team to the 1980 Moscow Olympic where India regained the Hockey gold medal. In wrestling, Sudesh Kumar and late Prem Nath who were placed fourth in Munich Olympic 1972. Raja Randir Singh represented India in six Olympic Games in Tokyo (1964), Mexico (1968), Munich (1972), Montreal (1976), Moscow (1980) and Los Angles (1984).


For almost over nine decades, the University of Delhi have played a distinguished role in academic life into the sports of the Country.

The University has its credit 21 Olympians. The most successful University of Delhi Olympians of all time are as undermentioned:

Olympians from University of Delhi (1936-2016)

S.N Name College Sports Year/Game Events Performance
1 Late Ranjit Singh St. Stephen’s Athletics Rome 1960 5000 m and Marathan  
2 Piyus Kumar St. Stephen’s Athletics Sydney 2000 4×100 m Relay’s  
3 Lalit Mathur SGND Khalsa Athletics Rio Olympics 2016 4×100 m Relay’s  
4 Narender Singh Satyawati (Evening) Judo Baritone 1992 Atlanta 1996 Extra light  
5 Shamlal S.G.T.B.Khalsa Gymnastics Melbourne 1956    
6 Late M.N. Masud (Vice-Captain) St. Stephen’s Hockey Berlin 1936   Winner
7 M.K. Kaushik Kirori Mal Hockey Moscow 1986   Winner
8 Arun Sandhi St. Stephen’s Paralympic Barcelona 1992 Atlanta 1996    
9 Naresh Kumar Sharma School of Correspondence (Now SOL) Paralympic Atlanta 1996    
10 Late Karni Singh St. Stephen’s Shooting Rome 1960 Tokyo 1964 Mexico 1968 Munich 1972 and Moscow 1980     Captain of India Team to Tokyo Olympic 1964
11 Dr. (Honrary) Randhir Singh St. Stephen’s Shooting Tokyo 1964 Mexico 1968 Munich 1972 Montreal 1976, Moscow 1980 and Los Angles 1984      
12 Mansher Singh St. Stephen’s Shooting Los Angles 1984 and Atlanta 1996    
13 Jaspal Rana St. Stephen’s/Sri Aurbondo Shooting Atlanta 1996    
14 Apurvi Chandela Jesus and Mary Shooting London 2012    
15 Shagun Chaudhary Jesus and Mary Shooting Rio 2016    
16 Neha Aggarwal St. Stephen’s   Table Tennis Beijing 2008    
17 Ashok Kumar Hans Raj/Kirori Mal Wrestling Moscow 1980    
18 Late Prem Nath Hans Raj Wrestling Munich 1972 F/bantam weigh 4th place
19 Sudesh Kumar Hans Raj Wrestling Mexico 1968 and Munich 1972 Fly weight 4Th place
20 Jagminder Singh Hans Raj Wrestling Moscow 1980 and Los Angles 1984   4th place
21 Sandeep Sejwal St. Stephen’s Swimming Beijing 2008    

Note: Ashok Diwan of SGBT Khalsa College and Rajshree Kumari of Lady Shri Ram were selected but didn’t Participate.