FICCI comments on Trade Data for February 2015

  |    March 13th, 2015   |   138

New Delhi 13 March 2015(N4C Desk)- Reacting to the trade data for February 2015, Dr Arbind Prasad, Director General, FICCI expressed concern on India’s falling exports.

“Even though trade deficit has shrunk, double-digit decline in exports for last two consecutive months is a cause of worry. It is an indication that we would not be able to achieve this year’s export target”, said Dr Arbind Prasad.

A large number of sectors have experienced a decline in exports during February this year and they include important sectors such as cereals, chemicals, tea, oil meals, jute, marine products, meat, dairy & poultry, leather, electronic goods, cotton, engineering goods, gems & jewellery, iron ore, plastics and petro products.

“FICCI expects far reaching and significant measures will be unveiled in the upcoming Foreign Trade Policy to support the export sector. This will go a long way in reversing the declining trend in our exports”, Dr. Arbind Prasad, Director General, FICCI added further in a statement released here today.