FICCI comments on IIP data for February 2015

  |    April 10th, 2015   |   143

New Delhi (N4C Desk)- “The IIP results for the month of February are encouraging and on the expected lines as outlook for the industry has improved in the last few months. It is important that this positive sentiment and growth continues for the creation of additional jobs for our increasing labour force” said Dr. A. Didar Singh, Secretary General, FICCI.

“We hope to see further growth in manufacturing as a result of recent annmouncements in the budget and ceratin other measures announced by the Government. However, it is important that to sustain this growth interest rates are brought down further for stimulating investments and demand and more steps are taken to improve our business regulatory environment”, Dr. Singh added further. 

Restoration of interest subvention for exporters shall also greatly help in reving growth in our exports that have seen a sluggish growth so far.

Latest FICCI Manufacturing Survey also noted that investment remains subdued in manufacturing sector as was the case for previous quarters also. For Q4, 73% respondents as against 74% respondents in Q-3 2014-15 and 71% respondents in Q2 2014-15 reported that they don’t have any plans for capacity additions for the next six months.