Delhi police : organized a Workshops on “Cyber Safety Awareness”

  |    November 13th, 2017   |   0

Delhi (News4city Desk)- Delhi Police organized a Workshops for Computer Teachers in schools are being made partners in spreading cyber safety awareness among school children by organizing Workshops on cyber safety awareness for the teachers.

By doing so, Delhi police aims to harness the school computer teachers and computer centers in communicating the importance of cyber safety and how the young, school going kids can protect themselves from cyber crimes. The teachers will also act as eyes and ears for the police in recognizing the new challenges that the young children are likely to face.

With this objective, Delhi Police has concluded its 5th Workshop on Cyber safety Awareness for school computer teachers. These Workshops have been attended by more than 723 computer teachers from over 577 schools spread across Delhi. All Kendriya Vidyalayas, Govt. Senior Secondary Schools, and Rajkiya Prathibha Vikas Vidyalayas have been covered in these workshops in addition to significant number of public schools spread across Delhi.

During these workshops, an Awareness Module comprising of presentations, short films, videos, quizzes, FAQs, and handouts on DOs and DONTs, is presented before the school teachers and its salient aspects are explained. The soft copies of the module are shared with the schools for demonstration in computer lab and special assemblies. This is followed by a Q&A session for the teachers where several doubts concerning Cyber threats and safe online habits are cleared by technical experts of Delhi Police.

The sensitized school computer teachers are acting as force multipliers in Delhi Police’s efforts to spread Cyber Safety awareness amongst the vulnerable sections, esp. children.

The objectives of the Workshops and the quality of the Awareness Module have been highly appreciated by the participating teachers. Delhi Police aims to build upon this novel initiative and strengthen its engagement with schools’ Computer Teachers in this collective fight against the growing menace of cyber crime.