Bhopal Pataudi Polo Cup 2015

  |    October 27th, 2015   |   104

New Delhi (N4C Sports)- Begum Mansoor Ali khan and Amir Singh Pasrich & Shivani Wazir Pasrich to celebrate the Bhopal Pataudi Polo Cup 2015 in association with Abu Dhabi Powered by GAURS. Some of the esteemed guests present on the occasion were Mrs. Ibsen and Thorir Ibsen, Rama Raman, Chairman of Greater Noida and Yamuna express way authorities, Ambassador Embassy of Iceland, Jennifer Graham & Nadir Patel High Commissioner of Canada, Former Indian Cricketer Mohd. Azharuddin, Interior designer Parull Mahajan, Entrepreneur Sonal Jindal, Kathak Dancer Shovana Narayan, designer Pawan Sachdev .Bhopal Pataudi Cup 2015

The I.L.A. Pasrich & Company Bhopal Pataudi Polo Cup 2015 finals was held on Sunday 25th October. The afternoon begun with The Law & Justice Polo Match, an Exhibition match between teams of I.L.A Pasrich & Company and Gaurs .  This was the first major match of the Fall-Winter Polo Season for 2015 at the Jaipur Polo Grounds, New Delhi with a fine representation of India’s finest Polo Players from across the country.

The finals of the Bhopal – Pataudi Polo Cup 2015 was played finals will be known on the evening of Saturday 24th October, 2015. Begum Mansoor Ali Khan of Pataudi was present at this prestigious event .Cricketers Bishan Singh Bedi, Abbas Ali Baig, Maninder Singh and others who played under Tiger Pataudi shared stories.

The Bhopal Pataudi Polo Cup was first instituted in 1996 when the late Nawab Mansur Ali Khan of Pataudi , presented it to the Army Polo Riding Club, as a running trophy. Though not a polo player himself, Tiger Pataudi was a polo enthusiast. This was hardly surprising given that his father, a renowned cricketer, an Oxford Blue at hockey and billiards, was also a keen polo player. Tiger’s maternal grandfather Nawab Hamidullah Khan of Bhopal was not only a 9 goal player himself but he even captained the Bhopal team. This cup has been named after them in recognition of their enormous contribution to polo. Shivani Wazir Pasrich has been associated with the world of Polo since she married Lawyer and Polo Player Amir Singh Pasrich.  SWP Productions organised the Law & Justice Polo Trophy and now are set to remember the magnificent Tiger Pataudi along with the Pataudi family and Cricketers. Together they celebrate the continuation of this noble game with the patronage of Abhu Dhabi Tourism and Culture  Authority. The F1 in Abu Dabhi is legendary and so is their appreciation of the finer things in life.