Badminton League : Hyderabad Hunters win 3-2 against Bengaluru

  |    January 4th, 2016   |   87

Mumbai, January 03, 2016(N4C Sports Desk)- The Star Sports Premier Badminton League saw an exciting opening day as Mumbai Rockets came out with flying colors as they won the tie over Awadhe Warriors. What did not work for both the teams was their choice of Trump Match as both the teams lost their important game and going on to lose 1 point each.PBL LOGO

Taking a cue from yesterday’s game, Hyderabad Top Guns took their Mixed Doubles as their Trump Game whereas Bangalore Top Guns put the responsibility of the Trump game on Sameer Verma who was take to take on P Kashyap.

As was said when the Trump Match rule was introduced that this will prove to be the game changer in a tie and today the same was proved. While Bengaluru Top Guns won 3 matches and Hyderabad Hunters won 2 matches but the tie was still won by the latter. This was because the Hunters won their Trump Match, while not allowing the Top Guns to win theirs, resulting in Hyderabad winning the tie at 3-2.

The first game of the day was between Suo Di of Bengaluru Top Guns and S Katethong of Hyderabad Hunters. The former proved to be the dominating factor in the entire match as she won it in two games, opening the account for her team.

The Men’s doubles being the Trump Match for Hyderabad Hunters was an exciting game as both the teams fought it hard to get the match in its favor. The first game of the match was taken by Bengaluru Top Guns leaving the Hunters rethinking on their strategy. They very well understood that a loss from here would mean negative marking as they were playing their trump game. Hyderabad came back strongly as both Kido and Mogensen did not allow Hoon How and Khim Wah Lim to take the match away from them. They convincingly won the second game. The third game was full of action as it went down the wire leaving many spell bound and in awe. It was Kido and Mogensen who kept their nerves to win the important 15th point and the all important Trump match. The win ensured that Hyderabad got two points, taking the score to 2-1.

Coming back after a two and a half month injury, P Kashyap showcased an experienced game against Sameer Verma and which was the Trump Game for Bengaluru Top Guns. This meant that the win was important for Sameer Verma as a loss would mean that they would lose the 1 point that they had to their name. Unfortunately for the Top Guns the experienced Kashyap won the first two games, meaning the Top Guns lost their Trump Match and the 1 point that they had in its kitty. With this the scorecard read 3-0 in favor of the Hunters.

The Mixed Doubles between Jwala and Kido from the Hunters stable against Ashwini Ponnappa and Joachim Fischer playing for Top Guns was another exciting clash as the latter dominated the proceedings and won the game for Bengaluru Top Guns and giving their team the much required point on the scorecard. With this the score read 3-1 in favor of Hyderabad.

The much awaited clash of the day between the Maestro Lee Chong Wei and K Srikanth lived upto expectations and which left many biting their nails. While Lee Chong Wei started the game by dominating the first game but very soon Srikanth crawled back into the game and winning it convincingly, leaving the Hunters as well as Lee Chong Wei to rethink their strategy. The second game as was expected saw the Maestro coming back hard and winning the important second game. With the third game being the decider, Srikanth this time dominated the match as he won the game easily, leaving many amazed by his determination. This win gave Bengaluru Top Guns another point as the tie ended at 3-2.

Post the win, Suo DI said “It was a tough match undoubtedly I won the first game comfortably and I was expecting her to give a tough fight in the second game. She came back strong but I kept a hold on my play and did not allow her to take the game which would have meant the third game would have been the decider. This win will help us in the next four games and I am happy that I stood upto the expectations of my team”.

Post their win Kido and Mogensen said “We were expecting the game to be tight but were not expecting that it would be a see-saw till the end. We enjoyed every bit of it and this win helps our team take two points as it was our Trump game. With this win we are now leading the points table and it’s a motivating sign for us”.

An excited P Kashyap commented “He played really good as he gave me a tough clash as he came back strongly post a slow start. We won our Trump game which gave us the bonus point and the lead. A win on their Trump game would have meant they losing the 1 point that they had. I am happy that I won and we are now leading the tie.

Post the win, the mixed doubles duo said (BT) “The win was important for our team. We are happy that we did not allow pressure to get the better of us. Both Jwala and Markis were very good today but we managed to keep the hold in the game and which helped us bag the match”.


Speaking post winning against Lee Chong Wei, K Srikant (BT) said “It’s always a momentous moment when you beat a legend like Lee Chiong Wei. I am happy that I won the game for my team and we in a way have made up for the earlier losses in the tie.