2nd Biennial International Convention by SGGSCC

  |    March 22nd, 2015   |   149

New Delhi(N4C Desk)- SGGSCC held its 2nd Biennial International Convention Vimarsh 2015 on 14 March 2015, at Hotel Hyatt Regency, New Delhi. SGGSCC-Biennial-ConventionDr Kawal Gill, convener, Vimarsh 2015, welcomed the esteemed guests and the audience. Along with the principal Dr. J.B. Singh, the eminent guests on the dais  inaugurated the function by lighting the ceremonial lamp. Dr Gill then highlighted the ideals of the college and introduced the theme of Vimarsh 2015. The service sector is a vital component of the Indian Economy and has changed the world’s perception of India.
In his welcome address, Dr. J.B. Singh pointed out certain macro-economic issues of the unique model of India’s economic growth. He expressed concern regarding the exponential growth of the service sector resulting in a distorted and skewed economy.
Sanjay Kaul, Founder President, Hydrocarbons Education and Research Society & University of Petroleum and Energy studies, emphasized that the population of a country is the biggest driver as well as destroyer in any model of growth. We must not get alarmed by the increasing percentage importance of the service sector in the Gross Domestic Product (GDP). In order to expand exponentially, Agriculture and Manufacturing need to ‘service’ themselves. The future is here and now. Futuristic services (grading services, ordering products online, loyalty Ratings, Personalized Online Banking services) need to be enhanced. Today is the time for ‘niche services’ and virasat packages. Psychological and cultural handicaps are required to be redressed.  Attitudes towards services should be improved; we need to have less of baggage. Research into services is not yet satisfactory. Services need to be defined better and more tangibly. He appealed, especially to the students to become service providers and entrepreneurs.
The Guest of Honour Anurag Batra, Chairman and Editor-in-Chief, Business world, in a lively presentation, using inspiring video recordings of success stories made the interesting point that there has been a fundamental shift from a consumption economy to an experience economy, where instead of owning things we want to experience things. He urged that if one wants to be in the service sector, one has to plan to be an entrepreneur. One has to believe in oneself, be focused, passionate and persevering about one’s ideas and dreams. Mr Batra made a very relevant reference to social impact investing which is to be an entrepreneur and make a difference to the society. He encouraged the students not to fear failure but to learn from it.
In his Keynote Address, Dr. Gulshan Sharma, Director General ,International Chambers of Service Industry, discussed the emerging trends in customer services and the education system. He emphasized the importance of optimum use of time, positive thinking and communication skills. He encouraged the students to develop Focus-faith and Follow-through-practice, and to better themselves every second of the day.
The Biennial Convention was also the occasion for the release of two books, India 2020: Vision for the Financial Sector and Indian Financial Markets, both edited by Dr. Harvinder Kaur and Dr. Jatinder Bir Singh.
After thoughtful discussion by the eminent speakers on convention theme ‘Booming Service Sector in India: The Next Wave’ during the two technical sessions, the convention concluded with a Business Plan Contest with large and enthusiastic participation by the students.